The best people I’ve met in the workplace

Recently I’ve been a bit down about experiences in the workforce.

I’ve been reflecting on how people treat each other in work environments, and how too often I’ve encountered some disappointing situations and issues.

To counteract the thought that workplaces are cruel and unwelcoming,  I started reflecting on the brilliant people I have worked for and met, and how these people have benefited my life, in lots of ways.

The best people I’ve met in the workforce

The Campaigner

This person works damn hard – but always with the motive to help others. The person I am thinking of in particular is incredibly ambitious and successful, working hard from a young age to build a career supporting others and enabling those around them to do better and reach for the stars. This person is someone who is super-focused and diplomatic, can negotiate well and always gives credit to where credit is due. Campaigners can help you build your career goals and will help you realise bigger ones.

The Fixer

This person is forever fixing other people’s mistakes, and being thrown into a project when it’s actually just gone to shit. Usually they swear a lot (blessing the use of the first swear word on my blog) but they can clean up a mess of a campaign like no-ones business. Usually they have a wealth of skills from project management to website design, a great understanding of audience behaviour… this person is often over worked and under-valued. Often a great companion for wine-lunch on a Tuesday.

The Helper

The helper is someone who likes to help everyone (wow!) and often has a tonne of energy to get things done. Usually this person will be able to complete any new (read: strange) tasks assigned to them and will always offer a hand when you are under pressure. They come with humour and a capable attitude, often bringing up-beat and encouragement to the workplace. Also great for political-banter and brightening the mood when its been a tough week.

The Sunshiner 

This person is the one who meets you with a big smile each morning, is almost always bright and cheerful, meets each new project and challenge with positivity and bright ideas. They have a way of making you feel happier just by speaking and approaching each day like a ray of sunshine. I’ve been very lucky to work with a few sunshine people, often in sectors that help others. Probably the best people to sit next to or near, try to have a coffee at least once a week with the sunshine person in your workplace. Try to hold on and cherish these people, they are rare and wonderful.

The Joker

This person is worth their weight in gold. Anyone who has worked with a joker can understand the profound positive impact they can have on a workplace. Aside from glad-wrapping bins and taping over your mouse, these people make you belly-laugh, even when you’ve just had a ‘robust discussion’ about large bulldog clips, tablecloths and 44 iPads. Also great for ‘wine-lunch’, except they bring wine in coffee mugs to a meeting.

The Healer

This person always holds a special place in my heart. Whilst working for a better world, very environmentally-focused, this person is a healer in so many ways. This person is incredibly thoughtful and considerate, filled with brilliant advice and ideas. Great for lunchtime walks, to reflect and consider our place in the universe, making you feel like your existence is for a positive influence on the world.

The Supporter

These are the people who genuinely support you and want what is best for you. Career-wise and life-wise. These are the people who are encouraging of you and your ideas, that nurture your skills and abilities, and help you learn through challenges and mistakes.

They’re the people who look for ways to better improve the workplace, brainstorming and building campaigns and projects that invite more creativity and brilliance as they go along. They’re a bit of every one of the people above, able to collate team ideas, encourage risk-taking and build safe and nurturing spaces, and are often down for a wine at the end of a project.

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